Get Outside

I can’t remember who gave this advice to me or even when I received it, but it has stuck with me for quite some time now…

Get outside. Start by exploring the 10 mile radius around your home. Your appreciation for the little things will astonish you.

With the majority of my work involving me being on a computer, usually indoors, it’s so easy to forget about this.

And when I do realize how I can often let days go by without really spending time outside I want to kick myself. I actually had this exact feeling today.

There’s Still So Much to See

The eastern half of the country is currently experiencing one of the most frigid cold fronts in history so I don’t mean to rub this in, but today was such an incredible one here in Southern California.

So much so that I decided to skip some of the NFL playoffs to get outside to explore the incredible place I live.

Redondo Beach Pier Seagull

In doing so, I discovered some hidden gems to eat at, got ideas for at least three new things to do outside and captured some unique photos that really contribute to the makeup of my community.

Best of all, I returned home with a heightened sense of focus to help me tackle everything the upcoming week has in store for me.

I know all of this sounds a little cheesy, but just getting outside and walking around really does wonders for our minds and our bodies.

When was the last time you gave up your favorite TV show or Internet browsing for a few hours to just get outside?

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