Home Screen Worthy iOS Apps

If I had to admit to one vice it would definitely have to be the use of my iPhone.

No, I’m not one of those people that use it during dinner or when I’m having a conversation with someone. Promise.

I do use it pretty consistently throughout the day though as it helps me run my business, follow topics I’m interested in, communicate with others and even helps to prevent road rage more often that not (i.e. Reading an article or sneaking in a game of QuizUp when you’re stuck on the 405 does wonders as a distraction from incompetent drivers).

Over the years I’ve downloaded and tried hundreds of apps, many of which are still on my phone – mostly tucked away into a category folder.

The ones I use the most make it to my home screen – something that doesn’t change too often.

So what iOS apps have consistently been good enough to be considered “home screen worthy”?

Here you go…

January 2014 Home Screen of iOS Apps

The Best iOS Apps (for now)

Without listing the native apps that come with iOS 7 (e.g. Camera, Clock, Calculator, etc), here’s a breakdown of the iOS apps that have locked up their spot on my home screen to start the new year.

Which Apps Will Last?

Most of these apps have been around for quite some time now and have cemented their dominance in their respective categories.

That said, a few are sure to lose their relevancy and/or be removed from my home screen for something else.

If I had to guess which ones will be gone by this time next year I would say farewell to the following:

  • MessageMe – I hate group messages, but in order to stay on top of them I needed to move this app to my home screen. Hopefully the trend for group messaging will die and/or be replaced with something less annoying.
  • Lift – This is a great app for daily motivation, but it seems as though many other really good ones are popping up now (e.g. Life Graphy)
  • Pact – This rebranded, renovated version of GymPact is the newest addition to my home screen and as much as I am liking it I can see it being replaced within the next 6-12 months

Which iOS Apps Are Home Screen Worthy For You?

What does your home screen look like? 

Go ahead and share a screenshot of your home screen in the comments below if you think there’s something I’m missing.

And if you’re interested in any of the other 300+ apps I use, then ask away. The geeky side of me actually enjoys talking about this stuff.

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