Thank You, Mom

There’s no greater gift in life than being loved.   And there may only be one person who is able to provide that gift better than anyone else…   Mom.   They raise us, feed us, teach us, play with us, push us and put up with our shit (literally and figuratively).   And yet, […]

Insight Motivation

Welcoming Death to Celebrate Life

Many of us are afraid of dying.   Perhaps it’s because we don’t like the feeling of not knowing when it’s going to happen, how it’s going to happen or what we may leave behind when it does happen.   I think this is natural.   I don’t think it is what we all need. […]

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You Are, If You Believe You Are

Whenever I get the chance to meet someone new I like to get a feel for what their aspirations are. I couldn’t tell you where this desire came from, but it is something that I have found to really help me understand a person and their character.   Generally speaking, the people I’ve met, from […]


Does Convenience Have a Dark Side?

Some of the most successful, talked about businesses right now are those that provide convenience to their customers. ¬† I personally find a ton of value and appeal in these solutions and consider myself to be a huge proponent of them.   There’s a few apps that I actually use quite frequently that definitely add […]


Get Outside

I can’t remember who gave this advice to me or even when I received it, but it has stuck with me for quite some time now…   Get outside. Start by exploring the 10 mile radius around your home. Your appreciation for the¬†little things will astonish you.   With the majority of my work involving […]