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Welcoming Death to Celebrate Life

Many of us are afraid of dying.

Perhaps it’s because we don’t like the feeling of not knowing when it’s going to happen, how it’s going to happen or what we may leave behind when it does happen.

I think this is natural.

I don’t think it is what we all need.

Death is one of the only certainties in life. None of us will avoid it.

So why not welcome it?

If you have ever been fortunate enough to experience the presence of someone who truly enjoys life by pushing themselves to see and do things that many may never be able to imagine, then you probably can understand what it means to welcome death.

If not, then hopefully this helps.

Welcoming Death is Not…

… about living recklessly.

It’s about accepting the fact that the average person only has about 665,760 hours to live their life, if they’re lucky.

Life Expectancy

That number may seem big, but the more you break it down by how many hours you’ve already “lived” the more surreal it becomes.

All of a sudden each day becomes more precious. Each hour we spend complaining about others, watching TV or avoiding personal interactions becomes a lost moment in time when we could be living.


Welcoming Death is….

… all about celebrating life.

Few people truly welcome death and thus, celebrate life.

We go through our day to day routines and before we know it the day / week / month / year has passed and all we’ve done is add items to our bucket list instead of crossing things off of it.

And then life presents us with someone or something that smacks us in the face and helps us to realize that life is more than a job title, the perfect house, the perfect spouse or even just being accepted by others.

This is when we start celebrating life.


Celebrating Life is…

Experiencing something you never thought you would or could.

Connecting with someone on a level that Facebook could never replicate.

Pushing yourself past the point of self-doubt.

Being remembered for your smile, not your possessions.

There are many more definitions for celebrating life, but you need to discover those on your own.

Are you welcoming death to truly celebrate life?

In Loving Memory….

Kirk McNulty

The world has lost someone who truly celebrated life.

Kirk McNulty was more than a brother, son, uncle and friend to his family and friends.

He, like his family (looking at you Clark and Rhett), truly understood the meaning of celebrating life. He was taken from us far too early, but perhaps as a reminder that life is short and only as sweet as we make it.

He, like many others that have left their impressions on this world, may be gone, but most certainly will never be forgotten.

Rest in peace Kirk. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Thank you for reminding me to celebrate life.

Photo credits to GJ King and ArtLife Clothing

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