Thank You, Mom

There’s no greater gift in life than being loved.

And there may only be one person who is able to provide that gift better than anyone else…


They raise us, feed us, teach us, play with us, push us and put up with our shit (literally and figuratively).

And yet, they still show us love better than anyone else ever will.

The Toughest Job in the World

Military, ER doctors, crab fishermen, world leaders – these are all some extremely challenging jobs that come to mind.

They all have something else in common though….

They pale in comparison to being a mom (especially one with multiple children).

To My Mom…

(and all other moms out there)

Thank you for everything you have done, continue to do and will probably never stop doing.

More specifically, thank you for…

Teaching me what patience really means.

Leading me to respect all the women in my life.

Showing me what resilience actually is.

Giving me an appreciation for the little things.

Instilling in me the importance of family.

Embodying what the word commitment is all about.

Setting my standards for the true definition of beauty.

Proving that you are secretly a superhero.

I’ll never be able to fully express my gratitude or appreciation for everything you have done. All that I can hope for is that I’m able to make you feel as loved as you have done for me.

With love. Thank you.

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